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Love is unconditional. It's not the way
you feel for someone only when they
act the way you want them to.



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what normally happens during a meet and greet during a concert? is it before or after? do you bring your own camera? how long do you spend with the artist?

meet and greets with the girls are before the concert, after would be way too hard. and no, you don’t bring your own camera and you can’t take selfies. they take two pictures of you and the girls once you’re there with them that you can access online later.

basically there are a few things that you should do:

  1. get there early, even if it means waiting at the venue in a line for an hour or more outside. getting there early means getting the best place in line, since i promise the line is going to suck. even afterwards it sucks because it means waiting for other VIP things you get with the package, but being early is ALWAYS your best bet. anyways, they give you a lanyard in line which says you’re VIP and everything and check your name off a list which obvi lets them know you have the meet and greet package.
  2. so after you wait in line, i’m guessing they bring you through the venue, i was at a houston meet and greet, which once they let you inside you got led down some creepy hallways and then up some creepy stairs before waiting in ANOTHER hallway for the girls to get into the room where the backdrop is for the pictures.
  3. okay so you wait in line 5ever freaking out cause you’ll probs see the girls walk by you and you freak out even more cause you’ll see that they’re real. and yeah so you wait and wait and wait then finally you’ll get in and someone there will probably cut a corner of your vip lanyard to show that you’ve been i there, and then you get to wait a tiny bit more before you get to walk behind the backdrop and meet the girls.
  4. LITERALLY they will mob you with a group hug. they are five of the best, cutest, most inspiring people in the world and they will want to hug you and tell you that you’re beautiful and that’s when you can tell them anything really quick, like if you have an idea for the picture. if not, they’re all cray and pose awesome every time so don’t worry. 
  5. ALSO if you brought a present for them, you can’t give it to them when you walk in, but they have a special table for you to put them on and they WILL get to the girls so don’t worry about that.
  6. after that you wait a long time more for everyone else to get the pictures done, but it’s okay cause you’ll be dead from meeting them.
  7. and idk about this tour but for ours you got an acoustic session with them, too, which you had to wait for and then like run in to get a good seat cause they make everyone sit down.
  8. anyway if there’s not acoustic set, you get led down all the creepy stairs and hallway to one of the booth things were the merch is because VIP people get special merch time before they let everyone else in, so you can buy merch (even though 5h’s merch is kinda lame, but whatever, get a beanie or a hat and you’ll be good, or a bo$$ necklace).

ON THE REAL THOUGH, it’s so worth it and the girls are everything and more than you’ll expect them to be, i promise.

You could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt. - (You’re so last summer)

harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto.#2YearsofFifthHarmony

harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto.